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Being a successful pick up artist does not mean you cannot be a decent guy. But there is a difference between being a decent guy and playing the Mr. Nice Guy role with women. This is a role that many men play whether are decent guys or not. It therefore means little to a woman and more importantly for the pick up artist it is boring and ineffectual when it comes to talking to women.

Here are some reasons why being Mr. Nice Guy is not going to help you when it comes to picking up women. It is very easy to fall into the Nice Guy persona if you are feeling insecure or nervous around a woman and it often shows that you are nervous or scared. You play it safe. You do everything you can not to offend her. This is not attractive or interesting for the woman. Think about it. What is more interesting for her when she is talking to you? For you to agree with everything she says or for you to challenge her with a different opinion. It is true that opposites attract. The pick up artist knows that it makes things much more interesting and stimulating for the woman when you challenge her and let her challenge you.

Good pick up artists know how to poke fun at a woman as well in a way that makes her laugh rather than hurts her feelings so you should not be afraid to tease her a little or to laugh with her when she teases you. You want her to have a good time and being boring and blending into the background by just being “nice” is not going to get you very far. So remember, good pick up artists might be good people but they are never boring so being the “nice guy” does not cut it at all.

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