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Businesses are stagnating…revenues are flat at best and most are falling off a cliff…credit almost impossible to get and customers are pinching pennies while rethinking purchasing decisions. The Internet is having a profound impact on majority of businesses as consumers are now more educated and have tons of choices.

Try finding a business that is not suffering from the Network Marketers to the Pizza Shop owner to the local dentist.

Attrition in Network Marketing and Multilevel Marketing companies is at a all time high. The larger your team the more vulnerable you are…your down-line is a mouse click away from a new and more exciting looking opportunity.

Traditional businesses are not immune. Many owners put life savings into a franchise or small business only to discover that just because they built it or bought it, customers are didn’t come.

Internet Marketers thought they were buffered and yet most of these so-called businesses are paying less than a hobby.

What are your alternatives?

1. Keep doing what you have been doing and hope for the best (as Dr.Phil says “How’s that working out for you…”)
2. Get out and try a new line of work (good luck in today’s job market)
3. Shake it up by…

Managing the Sales Process Like a Product

All business owners carry two products: the product you sell on your shelves or on-line and the sales process (experience) your customer goes through to get that product.

The quality of the sales process is the one of the biggest influencers on your customers opinion of your product and ultimately your business. The sales process drives their decision to buy, re-buy, and recommend you to others.

The businesses that make it, even in crazy economic times understand this principle and pay as much attention to the sales process as they do to the food on the table or the product on their shelves. The ones that don’t quickly become another small business statistic.

It’s a simple equation

Great Product + Poor Sales Process = Poor Sales or No Sales

The sales process is made up all the contact points between you and the customer in the pursuit of getting their business. For the restaurant owner it starts with advertising, the hostess stand when they enter, the service they receive and any follow-up that you do after they leave. Majority of restaurants spend all of their time focused on the quality of the food and very little on the sales process. Many customer experiences are ruined by a delay in getting the check to the customer in a timely manner or a manager not noticing a frequent customer.

If you have an online business it starts with your Google AdWords campaign, Capture and Sales pages and the back end customer support.

At Sales Growth Pros we recognize that that the Sales Process is a series of events and actions that are all critical to helping you grow your business and increase sales.

The FIVE Key areas we focus on helping businesses develop are:

FINDING Customers





Sales Growth Pros has tools, techniques and training to improve these critical areas for your business. Our focus is on improving each step in the Sales Process with you so that you get more customers that ring your cash register.

Roger Shepard
Co-Founder Sales Growth Pros