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The acne cure books available are of varied in quality and some of the worst were physical books where they recommend a special cleansing routine involving acids and ice one of which is called “The Acne Cure”.

Other books for treating acne, mostly the e-books, have advocated natural methods to clearing acne, and most famous of which is “Acne Free in 3 Days”, which is a simple 3 day cleansing method and worth trying out.

Dr. Perricone has a decent book “The Acne Prescription” for treating acne, which although slightly out of date, does offer valuable information regarding diet plan. He seems to think that inflammation in the body is the cause of acne, and he probably is not far wrong.

Mike Walden, author of “Acne No More” provides a very detailed holistic acne cure program which is very comprehensive. This book is tailored for people who have severe acne problem. Mike Walden, author of “Acne No More”,Diagnosis is a certified nutritionist who claims to have gone through what most of the acne sufferer goes through in his life. He claims to have had the worst case of acne and had the worst time with dermatologists and acne treating medicines. It was when Mike Walden learnt about an old man in Iran who was over 100 years old and was as healthy as a teenager. The book, Acne No More, is for acne sufferers who are committed to do anything in order to finally have clear skin as fast as possible and permanently. This is a complete health program guaranteed to help people with any other health condition they might have. Obviously people must follow its instructions in order to see results. It is guaranteed that if people follow each recommendation Mike has given in his program, they will obtain a clear skin in record time and be healthier as never before.

One of the latest acne cure books is “Mr X Acne Says: You Can Cure Your Acne”. The book solely about inflammation, but offers more up-to-date information regarding this than Dr Perricone’s Acne Prescription.

These are some of the better books on treating acne on the market and all of them are worth buying and trying their system.Diagnosis If one doesn’t work for an individual, he or she can move onto the next and will definitely end up with clear skin. In fact, the acne industry is a greedy one. Out to make lots of money at the cost of acne sufferer’s pain. The acne cure methods given in the books often produce faster results than any other suggestions given by the acne cure product companies.

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