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The Heisman winning season of Cam Newton was statistically one of the most incredible seasons that have yet to happen. Very few football players have achieved the domination that Newton was able to conjure up this season, especially up against such solid competition.

Speaking of Heisman winners, who might be some of the greatest recipients ever to achieve this award?

Cam Newton

The Hesiman season of Cam Newton will likely be compared to Tim Tebow’s for a long time. Both of these players achieved this award within their very first season in the same era of the SEC. However, the difference is that although Tebow was responsible for leading the Gators in a record 9-4, Newton was responsible for leading Auburn to both the SEC Championship as well as a regular season gone undefeated.

Without the help of Newton, Auburn didn’t have a chance at coming close to the amount of passing yards, rushing yards and touchdowns that Newton was able to accomplish for them as he did not only play well, he consistently played well at the time his team needed him the most.

Roger Staubach

While Roger Staubach may best be known for his stint with the Dallas Cowboys, his accomplishments in college football should not be ignored.

From 1963, the numbers aren’t much to speak of, this is true. However, Staubach’s accuracy in passing as well as his reckless leadership and disposition are the qualities that soon stood to impress as he is certainly a rare breed of player that doesn’t come very often.

Ernie Davis

Before there was Ernie Davis, the best Syracuse had it was Jim Brown. While Davis may not have exceeded all the rushing records established by Brown before he left, he did break through the color-barrier.

In comparison with the statistics of today, the 12 touchdowns and 823 rushing yards by Davis in 1961 may not seem like much, but he also did not have anywhere near the attempts at rushing that the backs do today. Davis secured his place in history becoming the very first Heisman winner that was African American.

Mike Rozier

It seems as though history is almost forgetting the 1983 season of Mike Rozier since it came to an end with a loss to Miami in the Orange Bowl of 31-30.

However, prior to that, Rozier was the main ingredient in what consisted of the best offense that college football has ever seen. Having rushed for 2,148 yards, accomplished 29 touchdowns and securing an amazing 7.8 yards each carry average, Mike Rozier is certainly one of the greats.

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